Pests are unwanted house guests that we can all do without. They litter our houses and regrettably, expose us to diseases. Cockroaches epitomize this feeling as they are some of the most dreaded pests that can infest a house.

Top view a dead cockroach on white background

Unfortunately, the pest control options available today rely on toxic chemicals to get rid of the pests such as cockroaches. By using these toxic pest control methods, many families inadvertently expose themselves to toxic poisoning.

Although the majority of the pest control options available are said to be safe when it comes to human beings, they are not neutral and thus have an effect on our bodies and overall health. These effects are exacerbated when the person involved is a child.

In order to give you suggestions on how to best cope with household pests, yet do so in a non-toxic, environmentally friendly way, we got some tips from Pest Control NJ, a New Jersey exterminator familiar with handling roaches with non-toxic methods.

#1. Getting Rid Of Their Supply Of Food

An effective yet non-toxic solution to roach infestations is getting rid of all their sources of food. Cockroaches will feed on anything discarded and left open, including pet food, crumbs, oily substances on sink corners and many other alternative sources of food. To this end, you should consider conducting thorough cleaning as often as you can.

While cleaning, you should clean with the aim of getting rid of all the cockroaches’ saliva, vomit, and droppings. Therefore, you should consider cleaning with a warm water mixture of borax or baking soda. Additionally, you should make use of your vacuum cleaner, where the suck all the dirt and possibly the roaches hiding in the cupboards and other appliances.

Staying clean will reduce their population and negate their reproduction.

#2. Use Natural Repellents

There are many natural substances that can be used as roach-repellents. In this regard, they help to keep roaches at bay while being very friendly to your family and your pets. Below are some of the natural repellents that you can make use of.

  • Mint Oil – pests seem to abhor the smell and by extension the presence of mint oil. Spraying the oil on the various parts of the house where there is a pronounced presence of the roaches will get rid of the roaches completely.
  • Cedar – Cedar chips, block or any other form have long been used to deter roaches from venturing into typical hiding places. For instance, cedar is popularly used to line cupboards, closet, and other hiding places, thereby getting rid of the hiding places for roaches.
  • Applying a mixture of garlic, onions, and pepper – a water mixture with these ingredients is very effective in deterring roaches from spreading. Therefore, spraying a water mixture with all these ingredients on the typical areas where roaches are is one of the best non-toxic methods of keeping roaches at bay.
  • Lemon – lemon has anti-pathogenic properties due to the characteristic citric smell they have. Adding lemon to your cleaning water on a daily basis will get rid of roaches.

#3. Baits and Traps

Non-toxic baits have become very effective in getting rid of roaches. For instance, boric acid is fast becoming the option of choice for many families who want to control the spread of roaches.

Sticky traps and the coffee/jar traps are some of the most popular methods of getting rid of roaches, while negating the use of toxic substances to achieve the desired results.